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Italian - Steak House Restaurant - Miami

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Our culture as Italo – Angertinians is very unique; we are proud of our Argentinian culture, but we have that little thing that lightsout inside of each of us and reminded us that part of us (for the Italo – Argentini) belongs to the italian culture; However our Argentinian culture is very diverse. The mix of these cultures makes such a blend in our traditional cuisine and that is what we bring to the world.


Argentine cuisine has been strongly influenced by Italian cuisine; the typical Argentine diet is a variation on the Mediterranean diet. Italian staple dishes like pizza and pasta are common. Pasta is extremely common, either simple unadorned pasta with butter or oil, or accompanied by tomato or bechamel-based sauce. The variety of italian cuisine that influenced our Argentinian culture is rich and amazing; the taste of the most finest ingrediants for the preparing of cheeses, tuco sauce (italian sugo), estofado, (stew) and the touch of oregano and basil herbs makes every dish fabolous.


The history of Argentine cuisine is rich and diverse. As a land that has experienced extensive immigration through many years, the country has benefited from numerous food influences. The diverse climate in the region, ranging from subtropical to sub polar, has also helped considerably broaden the set of ingredients readily available. European settlers are largely responsible for Argentina's cuisine, mostly the Italians, Spaniards and Germans.


Our asado is the national dish by excellence in Argentina and we are well known for our meats cuts, chorizos, morcillas, chinchulines, mollejas and much more. We take pride for our cuisine, our culture and who we are.

Location & Hours

Come And Enjoy A Good Bite To Eat!



12214 SW 8th Street. Miami, FL 33184

Tel: (305) 225-7440

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